Capaia Wines Conservation Area

Capaia Wines Conservation Area
On 9 June 2017, Capaia Wines signed a 10-year Biodiversity Agreement with CapeNature establishing a 34.5 ha conservation area, namely the Capaia Wines Conservation Area (CWCA).

The CWCA was identified as an area with high conservation value:

  • Containing critically endangered Swartland Shale Renosterveld which is of local, national and international significance. The potential loss of this habitat would be permanent and irrevocable and likely result in the extinction of some species and inability to attain conservation targets.
  • The Renosterveld remnant on the property is key for maintaining ecological connectivity to the greater Koeberg cluster and Vissershok Corridor.
  • The CWCA is in need of long-term protection and management for the maintenance of the biodiversity found thereon.


Vision Statement

The CWCA will be an ecologically functional, green open space that protects the indigenous fauna and flora while also creating a safe space for the enjoyment and recreational benefits of the natural environment. This will be achieved by ensuring that all activities and operations within the protected area are environmentally responsible and don’t impact the natural processes within the protected area.

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