Our Winery

Our Winery
In accordance with the château principle, our wines are pressed exclusively from grapes grown on Capaia territory. With Capaia having its own bottling and labelling facilities, it completes the circle of our well-rounded estate.

The heart of Capaia is the winery where all red wines are fermented in oak fermenters, in the form of 56 French-oak fermentation tanks, each with a capacity of 5,200 L and 8,400 L respectively, making it the largest wood-based fermentation plant for private cellars in the world! They come equipped with temperature regulation, manufactured by Tonnellerie Taransaud in Cognac. With the unloading station located at the winery’s highest point, all juices are entirely gravity-fed, a technique that has proven to facilitate outstanding wines. The use of the French oak fermenters contributes significantly to the quality of the wine. The difference between using wood and steel in fermentation is noticeable. With wood there is oxygen exchange during the fermentation process and the wood flavour is immediately brought to the juice from an early stage.

As a general rule, red-wine grapes will be left for fermentation on skins for a period of 25 to 30 days, whilst our Sauvignon Blanc is matured exclusively in stainless-steel tanks. For the maturing of red wines, a vat cellar with 1,500 barriques (225L) is available, also supplied by Taransaud.

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