Coastal Regions Amazing Wines In South Africa

Coastal Regions Amazing Wines In South Africa
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South Africa is home to some of the world's most prominent and tastiest wines, where the Coastal Region is considered the best.

Stellenbosch is one of the most famous districts in the Coastal Region, producing exclusive wines that are then exported to the different corners of the world, where we as consumers can enjoy these fantastic productions. For example, go to wine tasting in the Coastal Region.

The region is filled with attractive activities, attractions and entertainment that you can enjoy. Visit the incredibly popular Middelberg Waterfall waterfall, or take a day trip to the Devils Peak mountain top. Also take the opportunity to try out domestic dishes such as Pampouenkoekies or Sosatie.

The different types of wines you will find within the Coastal Region
Coastal Region offers many different wines and grapes. Here you will find white, red and rosé wines, where Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are the most common red grapes, while Chenin Blanc, Colombard and Sauvignon Blanc are the white grapes that are in focus.

Their red wines have a distinct taste that contains traces of cocoa and dried plums. The wines are produced with an unusually high concentration, which sets a mark in the taste.

The white wines instead have flavors reminiscent of fresh fruit. Aromas and flavours reminiscent of citrus fruits and other tropical fruits give the wines a very fresh and fruity taste.

A collection of Coastal Region's best wineries
A trip to the Coastal Region offers plenty of opportunities to explore various vineyards. Perfect to mix in together with other types of pleasures and adventures.

Topiary Wines - a fruit farm converted into a vineyard
Topiary Wines is an old fruit farm that has been converted into a vineyard as recently as 2005. It produces both red, white and rosé wines from the popular grapes Chardonnay, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. A perfect excursion on your trip to South Africa!

Appellation: Franschhoek
Activities : Tour accompanied by wine tasting
Price: R30

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Vondeling Wines - wine production for over three centuries
There are few vineyards that have as solid and old history as Vondeling Wines. It was the Swedish immigrant Olof Berg who in 1704 started this imaginative tradition of growing and producing wine on its incredible lands. Since then, the vineyard has evolved to become one of South Africa's most prominent wine producers.

Appellations: Voor Paardeberg
Activities: Visit the winery for a guided tour and wine tasting
Price: R80

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Longridge Wine Estate - one of the best organic farms in South Africa
This winery focuses on natural and organic methods, resulting in incredibly qualitative wines. Longridge Wine Estate wants the wines to be good and qualitative, but also useful. If you find this exciting, a visit to the winery can be arranged for a measly €3 per person, making it an excellent destination for the day.

Appellations: Stellenbosch
Activities: Wine tasting and tour
Price: R55

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Bellevue Wine Esate - one of the country's oldest wineries
The family-run Bellevue Wine Estate has been run by the same family since 1861, and has since managed to produce some of the country's top wines. Visit the winery for a 1.5-hour tour and wine tasting you'll be late to forget!

Appellations: Stellenbosch
Activities: 1.5-hour tour and wine tasting
Price: R40

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 Capaia Wines - over 140 hektor of viticulture and production
This high-rise vineyard is almost 200 metres above sea level, which adds to a great view. It grows both white and red grapes, which is then converted into their fantastic wines. The hour-long tour and wine tasting not only provide an incredible wine experience, but you'll also enjoy some of South Africa's most stunning views.

Appellations: Philadelphia
Activities: Tour and Wine Tasting
Price: R30

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Clos Malverne - world-class handgjoda wines
Clos Malverne has almost 50 years of experience in the wine industry, and focuses on handmade wines with a wicker press. This contributes to a slightly more genuine and convivial feeling, something that comes down in their qualitative wines. Visit Clos Malverne to see how the wines are created, and sample their wines straight from the source

Appellations: Stellenbosch
Activities: Wine tasting and tour around the grounds
Price: R50

Book a visit to Clos Malverne Upland Organic Estate - South Africa's only organic distillery
Since the beginning of the vineyard, several generations have changed and left their own mark on production and cultivation. Organic and natural processes and products are used here to create a result that is earthy and qualitative. If you like this type of stuff, you can book a visit to the winery, which also includes a wine tasting.

Appellations: Wellington
Activities: Tour and Wine Tasting
Price: R50

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Waverley Hills Organic Wine Farm - 100% organic production
Waverley HIlls Organic Wine Farm cares about the environment, and has a production that is 100% organic. As a result, fantastic wines are produced with minimal environmental impact. Here you can visit their exciting and fascinating production, as well as sample many of the wines they produce.

Appellations: W.O Tulbagh
Activities: Tour of the production and tasting
Price: R50

Book a visit to Waverley Hills Organic Wine Farm

Delheim - leading organic manufacturer in SouthAfrica
Stunning surroundings surround Dalheim's cultivation and production environments. Here the focus is on organic processes, which is more gentle for both you and the environment. You can visit the winery and see how this is done, as well as sample their quality wines.

Appellations: Stellenbosch, Knorhoek
Activities: See the production and cultivation, and sample their wines
Price: R65

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Learn more about a large selection of coastal region wineries that can be visited on You can also read and compare vineyards with wine tastings in the Coastal Region as well as get additional information about what is included and price for various activities.




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